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Created in Japan, made for the British beauty industry, at KiraKira Studio we seamlessly combine traditional Japanese philosophy with ingredients and methods designed to deliver optimum results for Western skin.

We are inspired and influenced by the Japanese approach to beauty, but we noticed that there had been no real effort to introduce this effective and beneficial approach to the Western market.

There are several reasons why we swear by the Japanese approach to skincare:

  • Japan follows tight relations and has high standards when it comes to skincare, which results in only the best ingredients being used to create high quality products. The Japanese consumer has high expectations, meaning only the products that truly deliver what they promise become a success in the industry.
  • With a large following of beauty professionals, consumers and celebrities, there’s a reason why the Japanese approach to skincare is so popular. The Japanese industry has become well know for its high standards – with products that deliver fantastic results, elegant packaging and iconic branding, it’s no wonder Japanese skincare is so highly renowned.
  • Japanese products are also safe and effective and can even be used on sensitive skin. Currently the UK market places a great deal of focus on the look and feel of products, rather than the results. Japanese products are made from natural ingredients that provide only goodness to the skin, making them ideal for sensitive skin or anyone who wants to avoid applying harsh chemicals to the skin.

We are an innovative supplier of cosmetics creating high performance skincare and make-up products manufactured in Japan and designed with the Western market in mind. Our products enable women to embrace their sensual side and make selecting and using products a more enjoyable experience. Free from harmful chemicals, our products are cruelty-free and made from at least 80% natural ingredients. They are formulated in Japan for Western skin types using Japanese technologies.