Benefits of Japanese cosmetics

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Benefits of Japanese cosmetics

Japanese cosmetics have become substantially more popular in the UK and the West over recent years. Japan now has the second-biggest beauty and personal care market in the world after the US, with some of the country’s most revered and respected manufacturers including Kanebo and Shiseido, which have both made significant ground in the UK.

The highest standards

The country has tight regulations and high standards when it comes to cosmetics, and even the cheapest brands are obliged to stick to them. Japanese cosmetics consumers are known for their high expectations, and foreign brands often have to adapt their products and marketing campaigns for the competitive Japanese market.

Dedicated to quality

Japanese cosmetics have won a large following amongst make-up professionals and consumers alike in the west. The Japanese industry has become synonymous with elegant packaging as well as the efficiency and reliability of its products. In fact, Japan’s cosmetics are winning the same level of praise enjoyed by its motoring and electronics industries.

Safe for sensitive skin

The nation’s cosmetics place a great deal of focus on the look and feel of skin and are usually made from natural ingredients, making them ideal for sensitive skin and those who wish to avoid chemicals. A number of lesser-known Japanese brands are now making bigger dents into the Western market.

Why Kirakira Studio

Kirakira Studio is an innovative supplier of cosmetics creating high performance skincare and make-up products manufactured in Japan and designed with the Western market in mind. Our products enable women to embrace their sensual side and make selecting and using products a more enjoyable experience. Free from harmful chemicals, our products are cruelty-free and made from at least 80% natural ingredients. They are formulated in Japan for Western skin types using Japanese technologies.

AHA Cleansing Liquid

The 2-in-1 AHA cleansing liquid is a powerful make-up remover and face wash which features 3 types of acid that collaborate with one another to rejuvenate the skin and leave it fresh. The product removes dirt, sunscreen and make-up, and doesn’t include any oil or parabens. AHA cleansing liquid helps stimulate collagen products, hydrates complexion and promotes cell turnover. Should you wish to speak to an adviser today, call 0141 255 0624 or send an e-mail to




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