Benefits of Japanese cosmetics

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Japanese cosmetics have become substantially more popular in the UK and the West over recent years. Japan now has the second-biggest beauty and personal care market in the world after the US, with some of the country’s most revered and respected manufacturers including Kanebo and Shiseido, which have both made significant ground in the UK. [...]

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How has the West influenced Japan

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The Western world has had a sizeable influence on Japanese culture over the centuries and vice versa. For a long time, Japan was closed to outside influences other than those of China and Korea, but this all changed in the 19th century when many Japanese people began to research the languages, technology and sciences of [...]

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Japanese culture in the UK

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JAPANESE CULTURE IN THE UK Japan has had a huge influence on the UK and the West, particularly over the last three decades. Japanese culture is built on innovative electronics, fashions and food, and has played a significant part in the development of popular culture. A string of childhood crazes have originated [...]

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Top Ten Japanese Beauty Products

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Top Ten Japanese Beauty Products Japanese cosmetics have been playing a much bigger role in the make-up world recently, and Japanese brands are regularly being complimented for their innovation and design. Japanese products tend to focus on the way skin looks and feels and are often made from natural ingredients. Here are [...]

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