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Supporting animal welfare with every product sold.

A matter that is very close to our hearts is animal welfare. It seemed only natural to use the power behind our brand to support this cause, and encourage our customers to help us make a difference.

Each purchase you make with KiraKira Studio goes towards helping animals find rescue and refuge from cruelty. This isn’t a promise that we make lightly, and isn’t something that will be implemented after a set number of sales are made. Every single product sold contributes towards animal welfare and advocacy. We believe our work is only valuable if we are able to give something back, and measure our success in regards to how many people and animals we are able to help.

Renate’s connection…

Our founder Renate believes strongly in providing lasting value through KiraKira Studio. Spending time traveling through Asia, Renate fell in love with the beautiful countryside of Japan. Feeling a deep connection to nature and inspired by the beauty of Japan, she continued to travel the world.

In Thailand she discovered an Elephant sanctuary near Burma. Coming as close to wild elephants as many people would only dream of, the experience changed her life and moulded her perspective on animal rights.

Renate’s experience made her realise how hurtful people can be when they are motivated by money and greed. At the same time though, she also came to understand that when people unite they can do great things. She knew this was her opportunity to make an impact with her newly founded beauty brand.

Renate decided to expand her outreach through KiraKira Studios, and today we give 20% of our profits to support animal rescue programs, including volunteer projects, research and studies and animal-activist groups around the world. With this effort, both Renate, the Kira Kira team and our customers can contribute towards the advancement of animal rights activism.

Every single purchase you make with KiraKira Studio will contribute towards animal welfare, directly improving the lives of animals who have suffered cruelty, lost their homes, their safety and their ability to survive in the wild.

We believe in a triple bottomline: social responsibility, environmental protection and financial stability.