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Founder of Kira Kira Studios, Renate discovered that the Japanese approach to skincare finally solved her skin concerns and complaints and never looked back.

 A self-confessed ‘serial skin care and make-up maniac,’ Jewish born and brought up by 2 artistic parents, Renate grew up surrounded by the theatrical and creative, but also with the sense of human impact of the world. Traveling for years to Asia gave Renate a new sense of purpose: create a cosmetic range that offers the same cutting-edge products as can be found in Japanese market.

Like many of us, Renate was always been looking for those special “wonder” products that offer everything we need and more, no matter what our age, race, or expectations.

Some of the innovative products available on the Japanese market came incredibly close, offering forward-thinking advanced cosmetic using the latest technology that isn’t currently matched in the Western world. However, these products aren’t tailored for a wide range of skin types or colours. Renate felt like she had finally found an approach to skincare that worked, but at this stage it hadn’t been adapted to Western skin. This is when KiraKira Studio was born:  bringing Japanese quality to the Western market.

Renate set out to develop products that uses Japanese philosophy but were specifically developed to benefit Western skin.

All our products and packaging are specially designed, formulated and produced in Japan, using mostly natural ingredients to avoid any parabens or other harsh substances and with absolutely no animal testing to create a range of cosmetics not only kind to your skin, but kind to the planet as well. KiraKira studio is proud to be Leaping Bunny and PETA approved.

The whole of the KiraKira Studio range follows the formula of playful design combined with usability and usefulness – and this extends right down to the packaging. Each piece has been specially designed to not only look good and create excitement for creative skin care and make-up artistry, but to be handy for today’s modern woman. Easy to use and to keep clean, these stylish products are perfect companions to your daily life.